Warpstar Nemesis

A package arrive from Irregular two days ago. Excitedly I pulled the newspaper packaging apart and spied my new forces, ready to relive one of the first rulesets I ever wrote ‘Warpstar Nemesis’. Two armies face eachother across a barren wasteland… who will claim ownership of the wooden block factories? Army Blue (top left) or […]

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One of the multitude of projects I’m currently dividing my hobby time between is Killteam. Not on the cheap side at least for the initial outlay since I picked up the starter set, but it is good value for money (at least for a Games Workshop product). The set comes with two Killteams: 5 Space […]

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Dapol Gangs

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, well not very long in a blogging sense, some go dead for months between posts, but it’s certainly been longer than I would have liked. I’ve been floundering somewhat, butterflying from project to project and not making a huge amount of headway. I’ve been chipping away at the […]

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Oathmark Goblins

A bit of an impulse buy here, but I was in a local model shop and spotted these: 30 Goblins for £20, not bad at all. They are part of the Oathmark range put out by Osprey and Northstar for their upcoming mass battle game. In the box you get 6 of the sprue above […]

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