The Return of Deathzap

After attempting to build up my painted model count I was increasingly finding myself working on older projects. Eventually I knew I had to return to this blog’s namesake game Deathzap! The rules in their original incarnation are on the menu for this site and I am currently also ruminating on Deathzap 2, but before […]

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Quarantine Painting Projects

So over the last week I’ve been picking up those abandoned painting projects and either finishing them off or starting a few for the first time. I’ve painted three warbands for Darkfell. Zombie pirates and their controlling Voodoo Priests… Some Landschneckts… And some bizarre animal based knights. All minis are from Irregular and have their […]

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Craftworld Ashon Sen

Disney World was a lot of fun and thankfully we made it home just before all the travel issues Coronavirus has presented. With a few days in the house before returning to work I felt like embarking on a bit of a challenge, that being to assemble and paint a Warhammer Start Collecting box in […]

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A smattering of projects…

So the Mrs and I after off to Disney World in Florida as of Saturday. I’ll be missing my usual hobby fix, but thought I’d post up what’s currently on the painting table. Firstly I picked up this set a long time ago and only just got round to finishing painting them – the Erin […]

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A while back I wondered what a Donald Featherstone Mech Combat ruleset would look like. I give you Mechstorm. The smaller Mechs are painted and based pieces from Risk 2210AD, the larger mechs and flyers are from EM4 (you probably already recognised them). For the rules the smallest of the Risk Mechs I named ‘Pups’, […]

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