The Jendari Rangers – Ready for the table…

So the Jendari rangers are ready for the table. Ironically I went for a more realistic scheme than a higher or retro sci-fi one, I wanted them to look stealthy.

Rules wise I think I’ll have units designated as elite resolve all their shooting before other non-elite units, since in Deathzap all shooting is simultaneous. I’m also considering either granting them a +1 to their saving throws, allowing them to re-roll saving throws, or simply giving them a new column on the shooting chart. As far as melee combat goes I’m struggling with my current melee system. Initially units would almost entirely wipe each other out, so over various iterations of Deathzap units have been significantly powered down. I don’t want to run the risk of elite units now totally wiping out their opponents. Deathzap definitely has a more hard sci-fi feel, and the Jendari Rangers are not warhammer’s space marines. I imagine in the real world as I have no practical experience myself, the last thing an elite unit would want to do is be engaged in melee combat with vast numbers of enemy combatants, where the vast majority of their training in terms of stealth and taking out enemies at range cannot be utilised. Plus all It could take is one lucky guy with an automatic weapon and your unit is gone. To this end I’ll probably employ something similar to shooting, allowing the elites to fight first in melee.

Hopefully I’ll get time for a little game soon.

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