Organised Chaos

In my bid to post on this blog most days I here submit the following.

The shame of it. In the top photo you can see my hobby space, perched on the edge of the sofa… formerly used for sitting, now used to display my own brand of hobby madness. I’m currently painting up another Deathzap force ‘The Jendari Tigers’, they helm from the country of Babbacumbe on the planet Jendar, and of all things they like to utilise trained and intelligent packs of dinosaurs. In the centre of the top image you can see some recent acquisitions I’m rather excited to get to the table – another T-Rex, a much better looking although slightly too large Dilophosaurus, the winged fella is apparently Pterosaurus, then in a rather fetching purple Cerstosaurus and hiding behind him the walking tank Ankylosaurus, a dinosaur I’ve been looking for in this scale for quite some time! In the second image I’ve got some Dinosaurs I’ve only just finished Pentaceratops, a T-Rex (can’t have too many) and one of those long necked fellas which I find notoriously hard to identify specifically.

Much hobby fun a awaits!