Tis The Season To Blast Aliens – Battle Report

Today I finally managed to set up the table for Deathzap and get a game in with all my toys so far. On the one side we have the combined forces of House Baranor and the Jendari Collective, including the infamous Jendari Tigers and their trained dinosaurs.

On the other side we have, the Vel, Selenoids, Allegiance of Gnossos and SolRads. I rolled for objectives and scored infiltration (get your general into your opponent’s deployment zone), and assassination (kill your opponent’s general).

Turn 1 and 2 was mostly about movement, playing down the length of the table enables, units to make progress before coming under fire.

The first casualties of the game are two tanks which knock each other out immediately.

The Gnossosian troops also start to take casualties.

On the left flank the Jendari dinosaurs suffer heavy losses before making it into melee, something I was looking forward to seeing (hurumph!). The remaining Jendari tank blasts into the ruins and almost clears them of Gnossosian troops.

The Jendari Tigers watch over the church, and pour in heavy fire on the Selenoids within, as the dinosaurs waver and the Jendari Regulars plan their assault.

The Jendari Regulars battle the Selenoids inside the Church as the Tigers advance on the left.

The fight spills over into the Gnossosian heavy infantry at the front of the church, but they manage to repel the Jendari. Meanwhile the remaining tank cracks open under SolRad RPG fire.

On the right, House Baranor troops clash with the Vel in a daring assault, hoping to bring down the Vel leader and score the Assassination objective.

The Gnossosian heavy infantry train their weapons on the Tiger General hoping to score the Assassination objective themselves.

The firefight on turn six decides the game. Both sides suffer heavy losses, and neither manage to Assassinate their opposing general.

The game was decided on casualties alone, each five figures killed or single vehicle destroyed scores one point. The Vel, Gnossos, SolRads and Selenoids score 10 points.

The Jendari and Baranor score 9 points, losing the game by only three casualties.

Deathzap holds up well with larger forces, and I enjoyed how quickly this game played out. I’m looking forward to more Deathzap over the Christmas break.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a Merry Christmas!