Tigers VS Rebels – A Simple Toy Soldier Battle Report

In the country of Babbacumbe, in the half destroyed town of Jedda the governments own forces known simply as ‘Tigers’ take on some Rebels.

The Tigers move towards a bombed out house.

The Rebels take up positions outside a destroyed factory. You can see how particularly bad some of the figures I am using are, but I’ve realised that personally for me bad figures do have some kind of charm so as long as they have at least a passing resemblance to a human I’m not too bothered.

The Tigers now fully claim the house, and from now on it takes a pivotal role in the firefight.

The Rebels split their forces sending two through the factory and two across to the right, the Rebel leader sits in the centre.

The Tiger leader spots the Rebel leader in the distance peaking around the side of the factory and opens fire.

The Rebel leader takes some fire, you can just about see the Tiger’s leader in the left window of the white building on the other side of town.

The four of the Tigers spread themselves out attempting to stop any flanking manoeuvres, while a single Tiger advances into the church.

The Rebels are in similar positions, making good use of the factory to set up their machine gun.

The Tiger leader opens fire again, this time on the Rebels’ gunner.

The Rebel gunner took two fire and only rolled a two when activating meaning he is silenced for the turn. Can the Tigers capitalise on this opportunity?

The Tigers continue their cautious advance.

As do the Rebels.

As the forces become increasingly intertwined, opportunities for flank attacks present themselves.

However the spectre of the white house, makes things difficult.

The Rebel makes the daring attack however, firing round after round at the exposed Tiger.

The Tiger is shredded, and after a poor activation roll he clearly didn’t have his wits about him enough to hit the dirt as bullets started kicking up dust all around him. Fortunately however he makes both of his required saves. He has a few holes in his trousers and slightly heavier underwear, but he survives.

The image below represents the sort of command decisions The Simple Toy Soldier Game presents. The Tigers had the next activation. Do I make the lucky soldier in the centre of the picture run for cover before his luck runs out, or do I have the Gunner in the top of the house open fire on that soldier’s attacker? The Gunner has taken three point of fire, so a low roll could potentially kill him and then also leave his friend exposed. Whereas a high roll could cancel all the fire on the Gunner and kill the Rebel below… what would you do?

I chose to activate the Gunner, but a low roll meant he was able to cancel the fire on him, but left the other Tiger exposed, allowing the Rebel to open fire again, and this time the Tiger wasn’t so lucky.

A fight erupted in the church tower, the Tiger falling at the hands of the Rebel. The Rebels were quickly taking charge of the battle.

The Tiger Gunner however answered back by gunning down the Rebel below.

The next few turns got bogged down in a prolonged firefight, until the Rebel Gunner caught the Tiger Leader in the chest.

The Rebel leader then assaulted a Tiger on the ground floor of a house across a small courtyard from the white house, the Tiger however managed to hold his ground and beat the Rebel back, killing him.

That same Tiger then fled upstairs but was hotly pursued by a Rebel, who cut him down.

Seeing his commanding officer lying dead in the attic of the house next to him, hearing his friend being butchered in the house across the yard, and taking fire from the church tower all caused the last remaining Tiger to break and flee. Jedda belonged to the Rebels.