Could War Break Out in Babbacumbe?

img_1144Conflicts between rebel and government forces in the nation of Babbacumbe are common, however fighting erupted earlier today between government forces and a government allied peacekeeping force from North Cameria. After a bloody firefight the North Camerians came out on top, however not without losses. President Banko of Babbacumbe denied any knowledge of the actions of the unit of Tigers that engaged the North Camerians and has started a full enquiry into the incident with his generals. The bodies of the killed Tigers were taken by Camerian forces and the identities of the bodies has not yet been released.


Tensions between North Cameria and Babbacumbe has never been higher but the North Camerian government has confirmed that they are determined to find a course of action that will not lead to full scale war between the two nations.

Theories abound as to the cause of the conflict, from the simple misfire of a weapon being interpreted as intentional fire, to rebel forces in stolen Tiger uniforms. One thing is clear, as North Cameria is part of House Baranor and Babbacumbe finds its allegiance within the Jendari Collective, preassure upon both nations to find a peaceful solution will be considerable due to the potential for this supposed misunderstanding to lead to a global war.