Army Soldiers

Here’s today’s purchase despite protests from the wife of ‘Don’t you have enough army men?’

You’ve probably seen these Matchbox copies before on other blogs or in stores so I’m not breaking any new ground here, other than to say the marked price of £6 (a bit pricey I admit) once I had reached the till was apparently wrong and I was only charged £3. So at less than 10p a figure you really can’t complain. There’s a good mix of poses in the box (10 in total) with a good mix of weapons – rifles, submachine guns, machine guns and flamethrowers. There’s no obvious anti-tank weaponry in the box but there is a guy with binoculars and a guy with a radio who could be calling in off table artillery strikes, but it’s not too much of a problem for me as I wanted them for infantry skirmishing. They come with a bag which I guess could be good for carrying dice in.

Rules wise you could go for Use Me WW2, Fubar, Donald Featherstone’s Skirmish Rules, or if you’re insane Final Combat, I would recommend my own Simple Toy Soldier Game, but as it’s me I’ll probably end up drawing up another rule set entirely from scratch, or modifying Deathzap for 20th Century combat.

Oh and by the way in the picture above, they are standing on a dungeon crawling experiment I’m working on.