Poundland’s Super Heroes

The following post was inspired by a post on the Man of Tin Blog:


Poundland are currently selling lego-ish mini figures in sets of 4. Today I purchased two sets, one labelled Super Heroes and another Spacemen and Aliens (I think… I’ve thrown away the boxes at this point). I swapped heads and hands around and put together the two forces above. From left to right we have Renegade, Zzarg, Zzap and Nightmare, the forces of evil and then Red Vector, Comet the SpaceBoy, Astro-Man and Golden Phoenix the forces of good. Poundland were also selling base boards (20×20) which I also picked up and marked in a grid of 4×4 squares giving me a 10×10 square playing surface (as below).

Super Hero skirmishing is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, and since the quality of the figures doesn’t matter too much to me why not use Poundland’s offering? Also with so many cheap knock-off Lego sets out there scenery will be cheap and plentiful, with a variety of different settings and environments easily achieved.

I quickly cobbled some rules together, hoping to have something quick and simple, that mimics well the to and fro of Super Hero fights in comic books, I think it worked. So here they are:


Deploy figures as you see fit, I generally put them in the back lines at opposite ends of the board. Then roll off to determine which player goes first. During a players turn each of their heroes can move once and perform a general feat or one of their own unique feats.

A figure moves D6 squares. A figure can move diagonally or orthogonally in any direction. They cannot move through items of terrain or other figures.

When a figure moves then they should end clearly facing an orthogonally adjacent square. Figures also have a facing which effects some rules. A figure attacking from the square directly infront of the figure counts as attacking it in the front (who would have guessed?). The two squares either side of that front square also count as the front. The two squares to the side count as sides, as well as the two squares on either side of the square directly behind the figure. The square directly behind the figure counts as the rear or back. By way of a diagram:

facing diagram

Adjacent is taken to mean squares orthogonally and diagonally.


ENERGY BLAST – Roll a die, if the result is equal to or greater than the number of squares away the target is then a hit has been scored, roll on the damage table. A roll of 1 always misses. If the target is obscured in some way, add 1 to the number you need to roll in order to hit them.

SUPER PUNCH – (adjacent only) Roll a die, if the result is a 4 or more then a hit has been scored, roll on the damage table but add 1. If you super punch an enemy in the side add 1 to the roll to hit, and add 2 if hit in the rear.

THROW – (adjacent only) Roll a die for the attacker and a die for the defender. If the attacker wins then the defender is thrown according to the rules on the damage table. If the attacker doubles the defender’s roll then the defender is wrecked. If the defender wins then the attack has no effect. If the attacker is coming from the side of the defender add 1 to the attackers roll, and if from the rear add 2.


Unique feats are those feats unique to the heroes described below:


Solar Blast – All enemy figures in a straight line, orthogonally or diagonally from Astro-Man are automatically hit, roll on the damage table for each. If Astro-Man rolls any 1s on the damage table Astro-Man suffers a back blast and is downed.

Comet The Space Boy

Gravitation – Roll on the damage table for all enemy figures in adjacent squares.

Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix can fly, when he moves as normal he ignores figures and terrain but must finish his move in an unoccupied square.

Life Force – All friendly downed figures in adjacent squares stand up.

Red Vector

Move Red Vector D6 squares in a straight line. All enemy figures in that line are hit with a super punch attack. Any rolls of 1 to hit with one of those attacks stop Red Vector moving and end the feat.


Rene-grenade – Select an enemy and roll a die, on a 5+ that figure is hit, roll on the damage table. On a 6 all figures in adjacent squares are also hit, roll on the damage table for all of them.


Shadow Portal – Roll a die, on a 3+ Nightmare can be moved to any square on the board. He can then also perform any one of the general feats.


Electric Blast – Make 3 Energy Blast attacks against any targets. Any hit rolls of 1 cause ZZAP to overload and he is downed immediately ending his feat.


Power Theft  – Select any figure in play and roll a die, on a 4+ ZARG can perform any one of their feats.


Add 1 when rolling on this table when rolling to damage a figure that was already down.

1-2) Weak Hit – No lasting effect.

3) Downed – Lie the figure down face up. They cannot move during their next turn other than standing up, or performing a feat that allows them to move.

4) Thrown – Lie the figure down face up in an adjacent square to their current position (the attacking player decides which). If that square contains a terrain feature the downed figure bounces to another adjacent square, they remain down, but roll again on this table to see if they suffer worse. If the square they are moved to contains another figure that figure is also hit, roll on this table for them also. They cannot move during their next turn other than standing up, or performing a feat that allows them to move.

5) Wrecked – All the above rules apply, but instead of moving the figure to an adjacent square, they can be moved D3 squares instead, if they bounce, they still only bounce 1.

6) KO’D – The figure is wrecked as above but is laid face down. Their controlling player can roll a single die for them at the start of each of their turns, on the roll of a 6 the figure is just downed and can be turned face up.


Quick game: If all of one sides figures are down or KO’D the other side wins the game.

Longer game: If all of one sides figures are KO’D the other side wins the game.