Deathzap Fluff

So the we’re moving house. This has made hobbying difficult as I’m sure you can imagine, and gaming next to impossible, other than maybe getting out my portable stuff from time to time. I thought however rather than lamenting the lack of hobby I’d use this little break to write up my imagined universe for my games of Deathzap. This is by no means the Deathzap universe, the rules are and always will be generic and can be used for any sci-fi conflict. So here goes:

The Xolar System in the year 2000AC (After Colonisation), planets are listed in order of closeness to the star Xol.

Mordrac – A small planet, super hot, uninhabitable.

Kannis – Is partially terraformed, but then seemingly abandoned. The planet is rich in natural resources, but strange occurrences have put a stop to progression. It is uninhabitable in the north and south, but habitable around the equator. Mortan’s Men a faction of terraformers turned religious zealots has arisen on the planet and are hostile to any outside activity. There is a lot of fighting on Kannis’ moon Oltra, as all factions attempt to gain a foothold for an invasion of Kannis due to its resources. Unfortunately since all factions fight each other as much as they attack Mortan’s Men it is almost impossible for any real invasion to take place, and enables Mortan’s Men to defend their own territory in spite of their limited military power.

Jendar – The planet is Earth-like and home to the Jendari Collective which is a democratic collection of countries lead by Prime Coldan Thrane, and House Baronor lead by Queen Ora Baranor, which is a powerful royal dynasty that rules over the rest of the nations on the planet. Full scale planetary civil war is a rare occurrence; however Proxy wars for the Jendari and Baronors between nations are almost continual.  The Camerian Civil war is one example, which has lasted almost 100 years starting in 1901AC, as the powerful nation of Cameria was undecided as to whether it would join the Jendari Collective or House Barnonor. A decision which would undoubtedly make one side more powerful than the other and most likely lead to a global war.

Gnossos – Is a completely constructed planet which must have been built by an unknown race before man had even developed star travel on Earth. An entire society of scientists have attempted to unearth the technology of Gnossos and any information about its creators. They form the Allegiance of Gnossos lead by Technocrat Lohin Scard and are extremely protective of the information they have gained, keeping it from the outside, and are not afraid to use violence to achieve this end. Suggestions and rumours of an ancient war between the creators of Gnossos and whatever is causing the strange occurrences on Kannis are now widespread.

Ashnyr – A colony turned empire by two twin brothers Zandor and Kharthion. Upon their assassination and failed attempt by their various advisors to name an heir civil war broke out. Now settled as two independent empires The League of Zandor and Legion of Kharthion. There is continual war making the League and Legion smaller players in any planetary conflicts, however both lend troops if called upon and for the right price. The state of continual warfare has lead to huge leaps in the technological advancement of the two empires, which has greatly increased their wealth. Warfare is no longer a matter of territory or resources but pride. The war is highly regulated and fighting only takes place in designated battle zones between small groups of highly trained and extremely well equipped soldiers. The war is also televised, large portions of which are rumoured to be scripted and war heroes are like celebrities or sports stars.

Other forces:

The Solar Raiders (SolRads) – Coming from the old Solar System, the Solar Raiders are extremely violent and brutal. As the Solar System descended into full scale apocalyptic war, the Solar Raiders are what’s left of Man’s first Planetary Empire. Hardened by millennia of war, and now formed into ‘Wartribes’, the Solar Raiders are disorganised, fighting among themselves as much as they fight anyone else, but extremely effective when they do engage as a cohesive force. New tribes of Solar Raiders arrive in the Xolar System on a fairly regular basis, with only the largest and most deadly not being destroyed upon arrival due to their sheer might. Captured raiders under interrogation, have expressed fear of something coming from the Old Empire, something which they are all fleeing.

The Vel Fleets – The Vel are an alien race that has recently entered the Xolar system. They are extremely hostile and technologically advanced. It is rumoured that they are the race responsible for Gnossos, however early analysis of their technology suggests they are not.

The Selenoids – The Selenoids have no known home or base of operations, small groups of them seemingly appear and attack colonies, or military bases at random. It was rumoured that they were from an alternate dimension, and this may have recently been proved true. After a Selenoid was captured and its strange, biological form of power armour analysed, Gnossian scientists, working with the Jendari Collective (who captured the creature) managed to open a portal to a strange seemingly uninhabited planet. It is undecided as to whether this new world named ‘Gnojen’ exists within our universe albeit some considerable distance away, or exists within a separate universe. It may only be a matter of time however before all other races capture and reverse engineer Selenoid technology and Gnojen becomes a warzone all factions have easy access to, and could be used as a staging ground for invasion of any location. Gnojen is a strange world, with entirely alien environments and plantlife.

Warzones (areas and possible reasons for conflicts in Deathzap):

Oltra – Kannis’ Moon. All factions are present in an attempt to establish a foothold for the invasion of Kannis itself due to Kannis’ vast resources. Battlefields on Oltra should be grey and dusty wastelands, or urban areas and highly industrialised.

Jendar – Proxy wars between the Jendari Collective and House Baronor are a regular occurrence, the Camerian Civil War being one example. Battlefields can really be anything you would expect to see on a technologically advanced earth-like planet. Other factions can be included in such conflicts as mercenaries.

Gnossos – Small skirmishes take place between elite raiding parties and Gnossosian forces as other factions attempt to get hold of the advanced technology the Allegiance has. As a fully constructed planet Gnossos has large flat and metallic plains and with laboratories, greenhouses and military installations.

Ashnyr – Televised Wargames between the League and Legion are a daily occurrence on Ashnyr. For maximum viewer retention any conceivable battlefield has been dreamt up by the Producer-Generals.

Gnojen – Tensions between the Jendari Collective and Allegiance of Gnossos are high when it comes to Gnojen, and the dreaded possibility of all factions gaining access and the war that would undoubtedly result is nightmarish. Gnojen is a truly alien world so let your imagination run wild when creating battlefields.

Any planet or location is also open to SolRad, Selenoid or Vel attacks.