Paint Maketh The Man

The above the picture is taken from my old long dead blog… it was way back when I first discovered Poundland’s figure offering, they came in a bags of 100 and had that familiar bright orange and green cardboard packaging that read combat… er… something. At the time I was working on some rules for playing out a few skirmish games set in a fictional second American civil war, the factions of which were the government, the militias and a private army of reanimated corpses, each of which is represented above. If you hadn’t noticed each is the same pose, the paint being the only difference. So here’s another image taken some years later:

Not the best, again using flash (we haven’t quite worked out the lighting in our new place yet). From left to right we have a Jendari Tiger, a Gnossian Commando, a Solar Raider, a soldier of House Baranor and a Jendari Ranger. I love these figures, I love their versatility and I love their simplicity in design which can really speed up painting.

I’m looking to add some additional rules to Deathzap to make these guys behave even more differently in game, but for now I think the paint does the job. You really can do amazing things with a good colour scheme so I encourage you all to try something a little different and also try some pound shop toy soldiers in your various projects, they are up to the task!