This Isn’t My First Cheap Toy Soldier Rodeo – The Korban

A previous post mentioned my ‘long dead blog’, and while scrolling through said blog I came across some much older cheap toy soldier conversions, so I’ve recreated one of the posts here, I may have to recreate these guys for Deathzap!

The Korban are a Reptoid alien race from the planet Krel. They were one of the original founding races of Crucible, an intergalactic alliance of sytems. Crucible’s goals are simple, to promote unity, keep the peace and establish a universal Mentocratic government. Mentocracy is a long standing form of government on developed worlds, whereby a master computer system collects data from all sentient beings, recording their memories, experiences and feelings, those are then used by the master computer to control every aspect life.  

The Korban below are a support laser squad in their home world orange/red uniform. 

The Sergeant of the SLS is armed with both a laser weapon and a simple ballistic pistol for back up. Ballistic pistols were widely carried during the Formation Wars due to the large scale use of advanced EMP devices. While not as important now, due to advanced EMP shielding, they are largely carried due to tradition.

 The centre of the SLS is a soldier armed with a medium laser repeater. The main goal of the MLR is to take out the field dispersion shield, which currently will protect any enemy soldiers from any incoming fire. But due to the power needed and the weakness of FDS power units the shield flickers on and off at an unpredictable rate. The soldier armed with the MLR will focus a huge amount of fire on the FDS and eventually enough fire will get through to shut the shield down permanently.

 The soldier above is wearing an Absorption Vest. While largely ineffective against medium to heavy laser weaponry, the AV can increase the survival rate of being hit by a light laser weapon by up to 50%. Absorption Vests were more widely adopted after field tests showed Deflection Vests not only often gave positions away but also caused more casualties, especially within a tightly packed squad.

This soldier is armed with a much more compact laser weapon, primarily used for clearing bunkers and assaulting fortified positions.

The soldier above is armed with a pretty standard laser weapon for a support squad.

Due to the minimal recoil of laser weaponry it is very possible to fire them one handed, provided the soldier is strong enough to lift the weapon. This has lead to a number of developments in laser pistols, they have not yet been widely adopted due to their lack of punch but are the perfect weapon for a radio operator.

The two pictures above just show the packs carried by two of the soldiers in the squad. It is possible for two men to carry everything the six man squad needs to survive in the field for up to one year. This includes enough food and hydration pills to enable the squad to survive in areas that contain no other food source.

More on these guys, Crucible and their enemies, the Formation Wars, advances in laser weaponry and Mentocracy in the future.

So that was my post, seems I put a lot of thought into my little squad of weirdos, I’m going to have to consider fitting some Korban into Deathzap, maybe they’ll appear on Gnojen after reverse engineering some Selenoid technology themselves, jumping in from whatever part of the universe they call home!

I’m sure plastic tat aficionados will recognise the figures I used above, and will also realise I glued screw plugs on the end of their guns to make them look sci-fi!