Grid of Death – Battle Report

The Tribeship Torvax is home to the Bloodline Tribe of Solar Raiders, one of the largest among the SolRad fleets it harbours impressive hab-domes, rich, but artificial jungles fill the domes in order to create a self sustaining breathable atmosphere on the ship. A small invasion force of Vel scout the Torvax after infiltrating it using a daring ship-to-ship teleportation manoeuvre. If they can burn the hab-domes, they can cripple the ship, and give themselves a good chance of gaining space superiority over the Solar Raiders.

The Vel force contact a SolRad patrol deep in the jungle. Converting Deathzap to a grid isn’t too difficult, I counted every 3″ of movement or range as a grid square, and decided to use skirmish morale rules, counting the entire force as a single squad.

Early on the SolRads find themselves bottlenecked between some rocks, and the Vel use their superior fire power to carve up the human scum.

The Vel kept holding off the SolRads until they made a gutsy move.

A charge through the rocks saw bayonetes clash with death-ray gun butts. Even with superior numbers the greater training of the Aliens saw them win the skirmish.

And the SolRad morale gave out.