Slaves to Darkness

I didn’t do much on the plague tower this weekend as I was striving forward with the army to go with it.

My basic warrior is based on a chaos space marine legs, torso and arms with a basic head and weapons swap and leaving the backpack off.

My Chaos Sorcerer Lord is based on one of the Deathguard characters with a few simple conversions.

My Lord is based on the Lord of Contagion, he’s got Blight King weapons, and funnily enough a shoulder pad for a face, but I really like the look of him.

Finally in what I’ve got for you today is a Daemon Prince, suitably Nurgled up.

My guys hail from the real of Metal ‘Chamon’ hence their apparently technologically advanced armour. Apparently this realm has a much greater influence from Tzeentch than Nurgle, but you can never escape disease, pestilence and decay! I want their armour to be corroded, their skin sickly and pale.