Slaves To Darkness Part 2

That’s my previously seen Slaves To Darkness army for Age of Sigmar primed and ready for painting. In the back you can see my Maulerfiend conversion, it’s a counts as warshrine/ maggoth rider/ mutalith vortex beast/ slaughterbrute or whatever I want that’s a similar size. The whole lots comes in at around 1000 points with a little wiggle room (I think). In regards to painting I want all these guys to be rusty, I’m currently scouring the web for a quick technique that I can apply army wide in a short session.

You might be able to accuse me of betraying the founding principle of this blog: ‘Anyone can afford wargaming’ since I’m parading around my latest Games Workshop purchases. But I find it’s not the models you buy that cost the money, it’s the pressure of new and shiny things that cost you money. If you pick your favourite army, write yourself a list, stick to it, only adding new units as you need or inevitably find your lacking in some area tactically, and then only add to it when new releases emerge – once every few years, or near to a decade in some cases, you won’t spend a huge amount. At least that’s my logic.