Slaves To Darkness Part 3

So I’ve started painting with a unit of chaos warriors. I’m so happy with how they’re coming out, I’m going for a rusty, grimy look with the chipped and peeling remnants of their armour’s paint on flatter surfaces or in deep crevices.

My poor old drybrush was a casualty of this process, it is now in the bin.

I didn’t have easy access to another drybrush but was keen to paint so I hit the local high street. In a shop called Superdrug they sell cheap makeup brushes so I thought I’d try one out since it was only a couple of quid, a darn sight less than an official games workshop brush!

It’s not good for blending on a figure’s eyes, I call that false advertising!

But it certainly does the job for dry brushing!

That’s a WIP Daemon Prince btw!