Slaves To Darkness Part 4… How to paint Rust

My latest unit counts as any 25mm based chaos unit if people are picky, or counts as literally any chaos infantry unit. Primarily for me they’ll be marauders, plague bearers or another unit of warriors. If you like converting your own stuff you can save yourself some dosh by having units that can ‘counts as’ multiple things. I haven’t christened them yet, so if you think of a good name please stick it in the comments below!

I was thinking that they represent the working classes of this city within the realm of metal. That were merged with the machinery they worked with in the industrial forges, as the city was struck with this strange plague, their skin began to rust and their minds became cold and unemotional.

Start with a black primer and a heavy drybrush of your favourite metal:

Then cover everything in Typhus Corrosion:

Drybrush orange:

Drybrush with a lighter metal than you used originally:

I then used two artists acrylic inks, one brown and one orange to add rust to some select recesses, and I picked out some details, you can paint the additional details however you want to fit the rest of your army.

And that’s it, here’s a final picture in better light without the flash on.

I haven’t decided on basing yet, but I love this unit and want to add 10 more to turn this into a 20 man unit.