This isn’t my first cheap Toy Soldier Rodeo… part 3: The Khef

The Khef are an ancient race with an unknown origin. Most of their troops are not infact Khef but are reanimated corpses from previous wars. The Khef are only currently a small threat to Crucible but are growing rapidly.

The Khef below are a support laser squad. 

 A large part of Khef equipment is either stolen or salvaged from battlefields. The Khef above is a reanimated corpse. The camouflage pattern as you may notice is not particularly well suited to the environment, this is pretty normal among Khef armies again due to the fact that they steal of salvage a lot of their equipment.

The Khef above is also a reanimated corpse, he has mismatched trousers, possibly from a Korban unit, and his helmet is a much older style of camouflage. The weapon he is carrying is known as a Molecular Shredder or Molsh for short. The Molsh literally does what its name suggests and is not hindered by any current shield technology. The disadvantage of the Molsh is its unreliability and shortened range. If hit by this horrific weapon, the target, if it is a biological one, is often reduced to a red or pinkish slime. This slime is also referred to as Molsh. Military reports instead of recording a person as deceased when killed by a Molsh will say ‘Molshed’, this is primarily so the family can prepare themselves for what may be shipped home.

 The Khef above is in a similar style uniform to the previous one. He is armed with a standard laser weapon for a support squad.

 The Khef above is dressed in a complete uniform. The camouflage is similar to that worn by humans when they first invaded Krel prior to the Formation Wars.

 The Khef above is also wearing the same pre-Formation Wars camouflage. He is also protected by an AV.

 This Khef is the only true Khef in the squad. It makes sense then that he should be the commanding officer. Judging by the camouflage and ballistic pistol it would be a safe bet to say this squad’s equipment, possibly including the reanimated members, were salvaged pre-Formation Wars. The Khef within it therfore would most likely be former humans or Korban.

Notice the strange eyeless shape of the true Khef’s head. Most of the orders it will give will be done telepathically. The true Khef is completely blind but is able to see telepathically through the eyes of those it has reanimated. This actually gives the Khef a much better understanding of its surroundings, the distances to and locations of enemies, making them not only tactically gifted but also deadly with any ranged weapon.

Coming soon with be a small squad of humans, one of the most primitive and violent races to ever join Crucible.