A bedroom floor, socks and airfix figures

Fancy terrain and well painted figures aside, you can still have fun rolling dice and moving little men around.

It ain’t pretty, smells kinda funky, but it does give me an appreciation for 20th century tactics, plus there’s a certain nostalgia in it for me.

At this point I called the German retreat, no use fighting to the last man.

The rules were simplified from Lionel Tarr’s and Donald Featherstones’ in the following tome:

The experience raised a few questions in my mind that I thought were good to ponder.

1) To you personally how important is it that your gaming consists entirely of painted or high quality figures? Can you have the same gaming experience in less time or at a lower cost?

2) Are your perceptions of ‘proper’ wargaming hindering you from enjoying wargaming? Remember that no table, no figures, no rule set will ever be anywhere near the real thing.

3) What parts of wargaming do you consider to be chores? How can you do less of those parts and more of what you love?