The Outpost – Game Report

The following skirmish was an attempt at what I’m calling Advanced Deathzap, not that it’s particularly complicated, more that it adds in that personality that I’ve wanted to get into my games for a while, hopefully going forwards forces should have a less generic feel.

I set up a small gaming area in the corner of the bedroom floor using some tiles from the old Blood Berets board game from Warzone, some Mantic Games sci-fi terrain, and the hedges and bushes I made myself which have featured on this blog rather a lot!

This was going to be The Selenoids vs The Allegiance of Gnossos again since these are the only two factions I have so far made proper army lists for.

Here’s a quick aerial snap probably from a Gnossian Tactical Drone that shows off the deployment of both forces. The Allegiance are all central and the Selenoids will be attacking from two of the corners.

The tower came under heavy Selenoid fire but due to some bad rolling the Selenoids barely caused any casualties.

At the start of turn two the Selenoids teleported in some reserves which were hoping to assault and clear out the lower level of the tower.

Unfortunately for them however the Gnossian Legionnaires were tougher than expected and held their ground.

The Allegiance troops then responded by inflicting heavy casualties on their attackers.

Once the dust had settled the officer the ‘Selenord’ was the only Selenoid unit remaining, so I called the game, the Allegiance of Gnossos were victorious.

Going forward I think the Selenoids could do with some help, possibly in the form of more unit types and possibly special rules. I’ve had an idea for a ‘Selenoid Gunbeast’ in my head for a while now, maybe it’s time that idea saw the light of day!