Simple Satisfying Games

There’s often an urge to roll dice and see events unfold, to wonder how things might have been different had fortune swung the other way and what might have been actively done better to change the outcome.

To scratch this itch I played a 150 point game of Deathzap Skirmish on a rather small board with lots of unfinished terrain. The trick is to half all movement distances and weapon ranges so the game still plays out well. The Allegiance of Gnossos took on the Jendari Tigers.

The Allegiance took two Elite Heavy Infantry with Advanced Weapons, one Elite Infantry with an Advanced Weapon and one Standard Infantry with an Advanced Weapon, coming in at 149pts.

The Tigers were a good mix, one Elite Infantry with a Basic Weapon, one Standard Infantry with a Basic Weapon, one Standard Infantry with an Auto-Heavy Weapon, one Beast and an Elite Big Beast.

I only took two pictures of the actual game, because well, I was having fun.

The Gnossian Heavies clashed with the Tigers’ Ceratosaurus as the fire fight tore through the street below.

Here’s where things ended, after making a mad dash for the objective the remaining Gnossians were all down so I called it in favour of the Tigers.

It was a quick game that played surprisingly well. I need to tweak the objectives table slightly to match the skirmish format, or draw up one specifically for Skirmish and then maybe try out lots of different forces to see if my points values are any good, but they seemed balanced enough here so that’s encouraging!

Although Deathzap aside the point here is that you don’t need lots of money or complicated rules to have a good time with your tabletop gaming hobby!