Battle Squadron!

I’m hoping to play a larger game of Deathzap at some point this bank holiday weekend, but since we were rather busy today I only had time for some maintenance.

A trip to Tesco garnered some Tupperware containers to store my Deathzap forces in which will save me digging around in the big box I currently use for the specific figures I’m after!

One of the issues of keeping figures in this way and basing them on 2ps or the 25mm washers I use is that the paint chips off of the edges of your bases.

But a couple of seconds with a black sharpie and everything’s as good as new!

I also picked up a package from the post office this morning which contained enough army men to keep me going for some time.

900 to be exact! I’m considering a WW2 or American Civil war project on the side!

I was impressed by the artwork on the packaging and pondered where it must have been stolen from?

I didn’t recognise anything from a video game cover, so I wondered if the image was an amalgamation of shots from various war films although the Normandy beach landing definitely brings Saving Private Ryan to mind.

This guy looks suspiciously like Matt Damon.