Toysoldierholics Anonymous

My names Chris and I’m a toysoldierholic. Popped into the local discount shop on the way home from church today, and they had in some great looking bags of cheap figures… so naturally I bought four…

The first bag had green Airfix Afrika Korps copies in and a few Matchbox Germans.

The second was mostly Airfix 8th Army but also some Matchbox Brits.

The third was Airfix Japanese, although I didn’t recognise a few of the poses, did Matchbox do Japanese figures too?

Last but not least a curious mix of Airfix 8th, Matchbox Americans, some Matchbox Brits and a few Afrika Korps in there too.

All in all a good haul for a toysoldierholic, and I’m looking forward to playing with the simplified close wars rules posted on Man Of Tin.