Irregular Miniatures 15mm ACW

I recently picked up a 15mm Skirmish Pack from Irregular (if the title hadn’t given it away) and have been slowly working my way through painting it.

The pack includes 10 union infantry and two cavalry, an equal group of confederates, two trees, a house, a farmer, the farmer’s wife, some livestock and the farm house (possibly Hook’s Farmhouse?), and four fences.

It’s been a while since I’ve painted up 15mm figures but I’m chugging along nicely.

Irregular include their own Skirmish rules, but since they require a D100 and recording different figures’ statistics I’m not sure, they seem RPG light, so I might just use Featherstone’s Close Wars rules instead.

In other news posts have been light lately as I’ve been rather scatterbrained. I’m working on another new army for Age Of Sigmar, my own simple rules for 6mm fantasy and continuing my old Slaves To Darkness army.