Featherstone’s Ancients for 6mm Fantasy Battles?

I woke up rather early this morning, the house was quiet so I thought I’d play a little Solo game. I grabbed my 6mm Fantasy Armies with the intent of doing my best to work with the Ancients rules found in the following tome:

There were some nice adaptations I could make right off of the bat, for example for ranged combat you roll 1D6 per 5 men shooting and my 6mm figures are based in 5s, so I could simply roll one die per base. Melee combat is similar, although not identical, but it worked out to one die per base of infantry and two per base of cavalry. Chariots in the rules are like wild cards they’ll either immediately be destroyed upon contacting anything or they’ll smash though lines and wreak havoc!

Here was the board after the lines smashed and the first round of combat fought. In the rules you fight two rounds of combat each ‘move’ or turn, with both sides fighting simultaneously each time. I didn’t take into account the casualties each base had taken during the fighting other than for morale purposes, so each base fought at its full strength of five men until it was completely destroyed.

Unfortunately at this point the Orc left had been completely smashed by the Ratman Chariot, so there was little hope for the green skins.

Before the chariot could do any real damage however the Rat infantry had cut down half of the Orcs leaving only a few stragglers left!

The Orc S.P.A.W (that’s Self Propelled Attack Wagon) counts as a chariot for combat purposes, but as a War Engine for shooting purposes. Each turn it has the potential to remove one enemy base, the only problem in this particular battle is that the Orcs inside couldn’t be bothered to load the cannons, so they didn’t get a single shot off!

All in all I had a fun and relatively quick game. I’m looking forward to more fights with these rules, possibly with some nice terrain, expanded forces and somewhat simplified rules with a nice quick reference sheet so I’m not flicking backwards and forwards and holding the book open with my foot!