Nighthaunt and Warcry

On the more expensive front, I’ve been prepping for Warcry the new Skirmish wargame from Games Workshop (who soon may only be referred to as Warhammer). You can buy in big by getting the big boxed set at £100 or if you already have some GW Miniatures you might have the figures you need already as some Age of Sigmar factions are included. I unfortunately had picked the wrong factions for my own armies, so I had to buy some. Out of the new Age of Sigmar starter sets Tempest of Souls is very valuable in this regard, it contains nearly every figure available to the Nighthaunt faction in Warcry.

I picked up the set for £41 at my local bookshop.

I set about painting the figures influenced by artwork from the graphic novel version of ‘The King in Yellow’.

Rather than going for the ghostly look of usual Nighthaunt paint schemes. Here’s what I came up with:

The deep red of the blood comes from undercoating bloody areas with purple before adding Citadel’s ‘Blood for the blood’ god technical paint. Also putting a red wash around the edges of the bloody areas to create the effect of the blood soaking into the cloth. I also made use of a new contrast paint, Iyanden Yellow and I have to say I liked the effect it gave quite a bit, and it worked fine over my discount shop primer.

The only thing left to add to my force are some spirit hosts which will be very easy to add so that’s my little project for the weekend as is sorting the basing on my collection.

Here’s to more Warcry in the future!