Dapol Gangs

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, well not very long in a blogging sense, some go dead for months between posts, but it’s certainly been longer than I would have liked. I’ve been floundering somewhat, butterflying from project to project and not making a huge amount of headway. I’ve been chipping away at the bits I need to get done over the next month for Armies on Parade at my local Games Workshop, I’ve also been painting 1/72 Vietcong for a Vietnam project that took me by surprise. Not to mention the fantasy bashing that’s still going on in the background. Then this happened to me…

Scrounging through boxes and cupboards I found some OO Gauge Dapol Workmen and remembered buying them for some 20th century British street gang skirmishing, all worktools, knives and lobbing bricks instead of guns, guns and more guns like their American counterparts. The figures paint up well especially with the all the rage Contrast paints from Games Workshop.

Two gangs of six figures each, ‘The Green Street Gang’ on the left and ‘The Blue Court Boys’ on the right. I chose to go simple with the rules, a variation on Close Wars from good ol’ Don Featherstone and inspired by the ManofTin blog. Without any suitable terrain on hand I threw down some wooden blocks which are always handy in a pinch.

The game started with the customary lobbing of bricks and an unfortunate Green Streeter caught a big one to the noggin and went down.

A few turns later, and already bloody and bruised the gangs clashed in melee, pipes, bits of wood, hammers and even a pickaxe saw action!

A pivotal fight saw a Green Lieutenant take on the Blue Boss. The Blue Boss I call ‘Fingers’ attempted a mortal eye poke, but the Green Lieutenant called ‘Croquet’ dodged it and smashed the Boss’ skull.

The final round of fighting saw the day carried by the Green Streeters, which gave them full use of the local playground (they like the swings the most), but no doubt the boys in Blue will be back!

You can always find games in unlikely places!