One of the multitude of projects I’m currently dividing my hobby time between is Killteam. Not on the cheap side at least for the initial outlay since I picked up the starter set, but it is good value for money (at least for a Games Workshop product).

The set comes with two Killteams: 5 Space Marine Reivers and a Squad of Tau that can be assembled as Fire Warriors or Breachers and that come with two drones and a turret.

I initially set about painting the Marines aiming for the classic Executioners Chapter colour scheme of blue camouflage since you don’t often see camo on Space Marines even if in reality you totally would.

I achieved the effect with contrast paints since they are effectively self highlighting saving you having to highlight in multiple colours due to your camo.

I think the final effect worked well:

Since then I’ve painted the terrain that came in the box simply by black priming and then drybrushing with a reddish brown and then with a silver, both paints were of the cheap craft variety, comparative low on pigment compared to proper model acrylics but I think that worked to my advantage giving a smoother transition due to the paints subtler nature.

The details nicely pop:

Next I’m onto the Tau and after that you might even get a battle report!