Instant WW2

I fancied a tinker with Donald Featherstone’s Close Little Wars with my WW2 Airfix figures, but alas I had no suitable scenery… so with a couple of cans of spray paint, some newspaper, sticky tape and wooden building blocks I churned out the following:

A nice crossroads to do bloody battle on!

The sides were evenly matched, Germans vs Americans.

The game started out with the usual march until everyone was in range.

Then the gun battle commenced.

Eventually the Americans went for a daring charge across the road into a German occupied building. Although not reflected in the rules, I assume smoke was deployed and suppressive fire utilised.

Above you can see the resolution of the melee. Sides are paired up and a die is rolled for each man. The higher roller kills all enemies that roll lower than he does. Normally the charging side would gain an ‘Impetus Bonus’ as Featherstone puts it, gaining a +1 to each of their die rolls. However since they were assaulting a building I assumed the better defences of the Germans counteract the effect of the charge.

At the end of the melee the Americans came out on top and this saw the Germans routing, eventually all the way off the table!

The remaining Germans on the other flank found themselves pinned down in a farmhouse. At this point I decided the Americans had won the day.