Instant WW2 Developments

Those poor American Airfix Marines seemed to be lacking a bit of Anti-Infantry punch when facing the Germans despite their victory. This is down to the fact that while the German’s are festooned with machine guns, the Americans are only carrying two, their other two heavy weapons are Bazookas so until I include tanks in my games they seem to be a waste. That was until I realised that Bazookas are also good at dismantling things, and my wooden block buildings, unlike normal gaming terrain are entirely dismantlable. The Germans may be hiding behind the manor house pictured below:

But here it is after few Bazooka hits:

As far as figures go I’ve been basing and painting like a mad-thing. Some Airfix figures suffer from small-base disease which frequently had them diving for cover at inappropriate times which was affecting the morale of the little plastic fellas so that had to be remedied, superglue and tiddlywinks to the rescue!

Everyone also got a Featherstonian paint job, which means that since the figures come in plastic of their basic uniform colour all that needs be done is to pick out faces, hands and weapons. You might also notice that I’ve swapped out my hasty newspaper hedges for some cut up strips of doormat sprayed green, and I’ve also managed to find my trees.

Buildings wise I’ve been painting roofs brown to add a little colour and drawing doors and windows on with a sharpie. The table looks a few shades better than before, and I don’t think it’s lost that thrown together charm just yet.