Expensive Paints on Cheap Figures

Citadel’s Contrast range of paints were touted as a miracle product upon release. People soon realised they were better at some things than others, and now for many painters I know the old pots of standard acrylic are out, and the contrast range is used as support to gain certain effects rather than the paint you would use on every part of the miniature, but not for me! I knew these things just hadn’t found their proper home yet, and the other day I discovered it!

I like raiding local discount shops for figures, 30-40 Airfix ripoff sculpts in a 1/48-1/32 scale for a pound. Above you can see my newly painted WW2 Japanese.

It was a simple and quick scheme: White Primer, Skeleton Horde over the entire figure, Gore Grunta Fur over the rifle and boots, Darkoath Flesh over the skin, Militarum Green over the Olive areas (trousers mostly) and finally Snakebite Leather over banding and pouches. To complete the twelve figures above took a few hours which was mostly drying time.

I found the advantage of the Contrast Paints is how well they flow, and since this technique requires a light undercoat showing through every colour only requires a single coat. Even a simple block colour scheme for a classic toy Soldier look requires multiple coats for certain colours and so can be rather time consuming.

Looking forward to more Close Little Wars once I have an opposing force!