Ghost Legions – Anubis vs Chernobog

Two gods of the Underworld amass their forces infront of the Dark Obelisk in the hope of obtaining power over the Netherworld.

Anubis brings three units of Roman Legionnaires, a unit of Fallschirmjager and a unit of Afrika Korps.

Chernobog The Black God brings three units of French Foreign Legion, a unit of Vikings and two units of Roman Gladiators.

The forces amass on the shadow planes, their objective is to gather souls to bring back to their masters. When a side has finished activating all of its units for each pink terrain piece containing one or more of its units gains 1 soul point. Units are activated using a deck of cards, and when the deck is exhausted the side with the most soul points wins the game. Each green terrain piece is ‘Soul Mist’ and only provides soft cover, each pink piece could be one of three different kinds of terrain, not all of which are good, and which it is will only be revealed once a unit has entered.

A few activations in, and a joker was drawn, ending activations for both sides and allowing them to harvest soul points. At this point only one French Foreign Legion unit had made it into the central pink piece, revealing it to be a ‘Predatory Cloud’. If a unit within a Predatory Cloud is unfortunate enough a soul eating beast may eat one of the figures in the unit. Will the Soul Scorpions feast today?

The battle lines are slowly being drawn, on the left some Gladiators are moving through the rocks, centrally the Fallschirmjager set up their MG42 ready to lay down supressing fire in order to aid the advance of the Roman Legionnaires. Will Chernobog or Anubis win the day?

Chernobog has ammassed two Souls, Anubis has yet to gain any.

The Soul Scorpions exitedly click their claws as more human souls enter their lair, however the Vikings ignore the esoteric beasts and hurl their great axes at the Afrika Korps. Here’s a quick example of how combat works. When the Vinkings activated a die was rolled for them scoring a 5. The Vikings were previously three inches away from the Germans, and used three of the pips on their activation dice to move that distance, they then performed a melee attack. Since the Vikings moved into melee combat this turn any pips they spent can also be used in the attack. So the vikings can attack the Afrika Korps with all 5 pips!

According to the combat table the Vikings hit their targets on rolls of 2 or higher (heavy melee weapons Vs light armour). Vikings also have the Berserk rule, meaning that any hit roll of 6 allows them to roll an extra die.

The vikings score 6 hits in total! The hits are then placed on the target unit, when that unit activates later they will have to spend pips on their activation dice to remove those hits, any hits not removed by the end of their activation will remove a figure from the unit. Additonally any further hits they gain above the 6 they already have will automatically remove a figure.

Chernobog gains another soul, he now has three, Anubis gathers his first.

A unit of Roman Leginnaires move into another piece of terrain, revealing it to be an outcrop of Arcane Ruins which simply provide hard cover to any unit inside.

As Anubis’ forces near the end of their activations they hope to gain two souls to catch Chernobog up, however all hinges on the activation roll for the Afrika Korps. A roll a 1-3 will not allow them to remove enough hits to save the unit, and they will all be destroyed. A roll of 4 will cancel enough hits, but will leave only a single figure alive, a roll of 5 will leave two figures alive, and normally a roll of 6 would save all three cancelling all the hits, however since they are in the Predatory Cloud an activation roll of 6 will see one of the Soul Scorpions finally feasting, and they will lose a figure.

Anubis finds favour with the dice gods and a roll of 4 just saves his unit from total destruction, and the Scorpions go hungry.

Gladiators move into the final pice yet to be revealed and find it to be a ‘Bone Forest’. The grasping hands of the forest cause each unit activating in the piece to automatically gain 1 hit.

The Fallschirmjager open up on the French Legionnaires in the rocks, and score five more hits.

Taking the French to 8 hits in total, automatically vaporising two of them. In the centre two units of Romans charge the Vikings and the French Foreign Legion, and some good rolling seens Chernobog’s forces in the centre in big trouble! At this point the forces of Anubis had finished their activations and scored two more Soul Points, Chernobog 3 Anubis 3.

Chernobog had little option but to activate his French Foreign Legion in the centre, however they were already battered and bloodied (if ghosts can be bloodied?).

An unfortunate roll of 3 saw the unit wiped.

Then the Roman Legionnaires followed up by attacking the Vikings once again!

Hitting on 2s or higher, the Legionnaires take the Vikings up to 9 hits wiping out the unit.

Then the unit of Romans in the Arcane Ruins took on the Gladiators that had previously been raked by MG42 fire also wiping them out.

At this point the deck ran out, and I called the game for Anubis, while points were tied, Chernobog only had two units remaining.

To emphasise the effectiveness of fire and move tactics in Ghost Legions here’s a little bit that played out after the game had officially finished.

The Fallschirmjager put five hits on the Gladiators, as the Roman Leginnaires await their moment to charge. A lucky card draw allowed Anubis to activate a unit, and so the Roman Legionnaires charged and rolled well enough to finish off the Gladiators.

The forces of Anubis were victorious. I rather enjoyed this simple scenario, and how well the rules played they felt not only tactical but fast. As a critique to the rules the MG42 on the Fallschirmjager seemed rather powerful, so it may need to be increased in its points cost. However since Chernobog’s forces didn’t really put any fire into the MG42 it may have been supressed and killed before it could have done the damage it did, this is the sort of thing that needs more playtesting.

Thanks for reading about my madness.