Italeri Warsaw Pact Troops

A box arrived today from Wonderland Models for a project I was working on many moons ago, back then in ye olde times (a couple of months ago), I was working on a modern/ Vietnam project, and so I ordered some Warsaw Pact troops and US Special Forces. Little did I know that the Warsaw Pact guys were yet to be released and I had intact preordered them.

The box doesn’t really elicit the same feelings those action packed Airfix boxes do, but I guess it does give you a good idea of what’s inside.

Inside you’ll find a reissue of an old ESCI set from the 1980s number 242 to be precise. So not exactly cutting edge, however the figures here as you usually find with ESCI are nice.

My particular favourite is the one with the gas mask.

I know little about this era or equipment so I can’t comment on the accuracy of the figures themselves.

I had initially considered folding them into my Ghost Legions project however I’ve since decided that modernish soldiers taking part in Ghost Legions does give me the heebie jeebies somewhat, so I’ve given Ghost Legions a WW2 cut off point.

I am instead thinking of just using these guys for Featherstonian Close Little Wars when I get the chance. I was wondering if when you move Close Little Wars into that more modern era you should increase the fire power of each man significantly or do you stick to that 5+ to hit?