The Small and Mysterious Box (Tiny Tostig)

I’ve been rather overloaded with hobby projects of late, having recently picked up three more: Chaos Orcs for Age Of Sigmar, 10mm Mass Battle Fantasy and 2mm Sci Fi, the last two were as a result of having won Irregular Miniatures most recent painting competition with my Samurai figure:


After basing my new 10mm Fantasy Armies I had a few spare Goblins and Elfs left over, and my eye caught a small wooden box picked up recently from ‘The Works’ a discount book, stationery and art supply shop here in the UK. The box had previously contained two decks of playing cards and some dice.

But now it contains much more…

And once the lid is flipped over and placed next to the box we have the makings of a small scale ‘Thane Tostig’ style raid on a Goblin cave fortress.

My two warbands, both speedily painted in a couple of hours, first the High Elfs.

And the Goblins.