A lesson in never throwing anything away…

I feel like I’ve posted in this topic before, maybe… maybe I’ve just got a serious case of deja vu or it was one of those unposted drafts we all keep hidden away.

Marie Kondo has been rather influential of late with her philosophy of if something doesn’t bring you joy you should get rid of it. I was suspicious of this idea since as a wargamer I often find myself not only hoarding but feeling the benefits of it.

Case and point, the brand new Slaves To Darkness battletome has just been released for Age of Sigmar. One of the units that is now much better that previously is the Daemon Prince, thankfully I already have multiple. The second unit that’s now a winner is the humble Chaos Marauder. I’ve bought multiple boxes of these fellas in the past but they’ve always been spare parts for conversions, the rest of the bits clipped off and discarded to the bits box. Since I’m a wargaming hoarder those bits were still available and I managed in an afternoon to put together 40 Marauders essentially for free utilising other spare parts from other kits, whereas had I bought them new I’d be down £50.

So if something doesn’t bring you joy maybe throw it away I guess, or shove it in the wargaming cupboard for later.

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