Alternative Armies 15mm Ort Company

Here’s some miniatures I had my eye on for a very, very long time!

From Alternative Armies Asgard range we have the Orts! As I mentioned I’ve wanted some of these for nearly a decade and only picked them up a month or so ago. They’re great little aliens, big robotic heads and small cloaked bodies. The flash on them was pretty extensive but thin and easy to remove. They arrive in strips and have to be separated into individual figures, this posed a little bit of an issue as some had their weapons joined to the backs of the next Ort along, but with careful use of a hobby knife you can separate them without losing anything.

This small Skirmish force of Ort (Orts? Plural?) sets you back £6.50 and you get multiple of each code other than the slug and lizard riders which you get one of each. I think the pack is great value and the figures are surprisingly well detailed for figures as old as they are.

Here they are all done (other than maybe some flock on the bases):

Also this year I’ve decided to keep a count of figures bought vs figures painted. My purchase of a 100 figure Star Marine army from Irregular Miniatures may have gotten me off to a bad start, but 15mm figures aren’t too difficult to paint so I should recover fairly quickly.

So: 102 Figures bought so far.

42 Figures painted, that’s my Ort and Space Scum from my previous post.

I’m scared to think how high my figures bought total will be by the end of the year!

One thought on “Alternative Armies 15mm Ort Company

  1. They’re rather nice little figures. The Slug Rider in particular. 10 days into the year and I haven’t purchased any new figures yet! How long will it last??

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