The Blanchitsu Is Strong With This One

For those of you that the word ‘Blanchitsu’ is new here’s a little explanation…

‘Blanchitsu’ is a miniature modelling and painting style inspired by the artwork of John Blanche a long time concept artist for Games Workshop. You could describe his style as Marmite you either love it or hate it, and I love it (incidentally I also love Marmite). Blanchitsu really takes the Warhammer style and turns the grim dark up to 11.

Here’s an example I think captures the style a bit, although it is my first proper attempt, I’ll also be providing some guidance on how to get to this point if you’re mad enough to want to.

‘The Children of the Weirwood’ as I’m calling them.

You’ll notice there’s a lot of texture to the mini. This is a staple of Blanchitsu, prior to priming you put down sand, texture paints, static grass, all to add interest, or equally cover up a bad seam in your hodgepodge conversion.

Strange conversions abound with this style, almost to the point that the original base miniature is unrecognisable. If your figures would be more at home in a Heironymous Bosch or Francis Bacon painting then you’re on the right track!

The final piece to a Blanchitsu mini is the muted colour scheme. Really you should pick three or four colours at most, and any other colours should be mixed out of those originals.

You can follow these tips, or not, Blanchitsu at it’s core is about letting your imagination run wild, trying new techniques and modelling fearlessly.

7 thoughts on “The Blanchitsu Is Strong With This One

  1. Looking fabulous! Great conversions, and they’re suitably grimly painted. I’m mustering the energy to start some dark and gritty style AOS28/Mordheim stuff in the very near future myself, so thanks for some timely inspiration!

  2. I am afraid that I am another Marmite hater, but a long term John Blanche fan!

    As I remember, his work frequently featured orange and purple?

    Love your conversions – very tempting -please blog more about these

  3. Excellent work. If you hate Marmite, there’s always Vegemite, or perhaps Philadelphia Spread for the full no-texture-no-flavour experience 🙂

    Regards, Chris

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