Children of The Weirwood

I’ve added another unit to my Blanchitsu Cities of Sigmar army ‘The Children of the Weirwood’, these guys will count as ‘Eternal Guard’ and I’m really happy with them, thinking I might use this conversion as the basis for lots of other units in the force.

So if you can’t tell that’s a Bloodletter body with Saurus Warrior arms and equipment with a skull head from GW’s Skulls box.

Painting is quick and simple, and to give it a washed out look I made sure every colour I used had a little Deathguard Green mixed into it.

So here’s the beginning of my army with both units so far side by side, plus an indication of where I’m going next for my Nomad Prince.

And as a small update to my painted vs bought miniatures log, after some miscalculations it turns out my year didn’t get off to such a bad start. The 100 miniature pack from Irregular doesn’t come with 100 figures, since some larger figures count as two, so after some GW purchases, I’m currently up to:

77 miniatures bought.

62 miniatures painted.

I may be able to overtake with painted figures which would be great!

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