Weirwood Crones

Here’s my latest unit all ready to go!

The Weirwood Crones (Sisters of The Thorn) add some speed and magic to my growing force.

I’m also continually aware that this blog is supposed to be about cheap gaming, but the majority of units in the force have been salvaged from the bits box and the actual price of models so far has been around £40, so not too bad at the outset (provided you have the bits box already that is).

The strange Tina Turner hair on the skulls is static grass and I think the effect came out really well! As far as painting goes these ladies came together really quickly, a couple of thinned down coats in various places to make sure my zenithal spray can highlight shows through, a nice wash of Athonian Camoshade and a drybrush of Flayed One Flesh finishes the majority of the model off and I then highlight the faces/skulls. It’s amazing how much the model looks like a mess until you paint the base edge black and then it all of a sudden looks finished!

These 5 take my totals to:

77 Miniatures bought.

67 Miniatures painted.

I may treat myself once the painted total gets ahead!

5 thoughts on “Weirwood Crones

  1. Really nice models! But omg i like those bases, could you tell me how you have done them?

  2. Lol, thanks! I have a tub of s mix of filler, no more nails, pva and grey paint. I slap that on, then sprinkle it with a mix of cat litter and sand (pushing the larger bits of cat litter down to make sure they stick). Once dry I give it a wash of agrax and a drybrush of screaming skull. I then stick on the tufts.

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