Irregular Miniatures 15mm Star Marines

Here’s a bunch of guys I’ve had my eye on for probably a decade.

Irregular Miniatures 15mm Star Marines were one of my first purchases this year. I’ve painted up a small force speedily to get them to the table, they’ve been primed white and then hit with contrast paints, I’ve picked out the metallics, flesh and visors with regular colours and then applied washes which corresponded to each colour. So the blue armour was hit with Drakenhof Nightshade a dark blue wash, the flesh, any red and gold was hit with Agrax Earthshade a brown wash, and the silver metallics with nuln oil a black wash. This gave me 20 marines and an Attack Robot in an afternoon.

Out of the figures I bought there are a decent number of ‘basic poses’, the reason I say basic poses is if you’re not familiar with Irregular’s sculpting style you’ll often get several miniatures in the same basic pose, but that have slight variations in equipment. For example with these Star Marines the basic pose (seen below on the right) can either have nothing on his back, a large antenna, a large back pack or a sci fi looking box thing, so out of a basic single piece scuplt Irregular are able to provide you with several different variants.

So, here (above) we have what I’m calling the basic Star Marine (right), and a Marine carrying a short shoulder mounted missile launcher, it’s here you’ll notice one of the quirks with the range that each basic pose seems to be wearing a different mark of armour. At first I thought this would bother me, but after painting it’s not too noticable and actually I think adds a more cobbled together post apocalyptic feel to things which I like.

Next up we have a much larger missile launcher and the basic kneeling pose, both of which again are wearing slightly different variants of armour.

Here’s a standard bearer, something which seems to oddly show up in Sci-Fi gaming a lot, and a medic/priest which is a curious role to play, the medic priest is probably one of my favourite miniatures in the set with his bizarre choice of leather bag and large crucifix (the only indication that he is a priest), ordained into the Church of Space England by the Bishop of the Sol. I wonder if he does interspecies weddings?

Our hero of the hour ladies and gents, Captain Mowhawk Von Lobster Claw scurge of the Seven Systems! What I appreciate most about Irregular’s 15mm Sci Fi range is that every unhelmeted human I have seen so far has a mowhawk, they must be the height of fashion in the distant future.

Here’s my Attack Robot last of all, which you may recognise as Irregular’s 28mm Maintenance Robot, but I put a Sci Fi tank turret on top also from Irregular.

All in all this is a fun range with a really old school feel to it, if you want to do some gaming that takes itself a little less seriously I highly recommend picking some up.

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