Irregular Miniatures 2mm Yobbo Army

The Mrs and I are self isolating because of a cough. We managed two days back at work before another 14 day holiday. Hope you’re all keeping safe given the circumstances! I should get a lot of hobbying done since there is not much else to do.

I dived (dove?) in this morning on my second 2mm sci-fi army from Irregular from the 2mm sci-fi starter box I bought a while back with the Hell On The Margin rules. I’m warming up to the rules now despite my previous doubts about them, they’re definitely tough to get your head around initially mainly because they’re not all that well organised in the book itself. I might get a game of them in, but as always I’m itching to write something myself.

On with the minis!

As with the previous army I based them up for Hell On The Margin on 5cm by 3cm bases, each base supposedly representing a company but models wise actually appearing as an under strength platoon. Above is a large tank/ battleship thing, two AT-ST style walkers and two tanks. Here’s a side view:

Next up are some more strange units, battle dragsters, mobile mortars, a bulldozer/tractor and a truck:

The bulldozer and truck are no doubt support vehicles but I’m thinking of using them as improvised transport vehicles. I do love the dragsters, I can really imagine them zooming across the battlefield as shells land nearby.

Finally all the infantry elements, these are identical to my previous force however the transport in the back is new.

I also love the transport. It’s basically a large armoured trike with a compartment full of infantry. It stops where it needs to go the guys inside all throw themselves over the sides and then it shoots off to get the next load.

Here’s the whole army, enough for a good sized game certainly!

The painted vs bought minis count has shifted once again.

Bought Minis: 375

Painted Minis: 210

I think I’m catching up…

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