The Return of Deathzap

After attempting to build up my painted model count I was increasingly finding myself working on older projects. Eventually I knew I had to return to this blog’s namesake game Deathzap! The rules in their original incarnation are on the menu for this site and I am currently also ruminating on Deathzap 2, but before we get there I’ve got some painted minis to show you.

One of the forces I hadn’t painted anything for before is The Legion of Kharthion. The Legion’s homeworld Ashnyr is split between them and their closest enemies or allies (depending on which direction the wind is blowing) the League of Zandor. Their red uniforms match the soil on Ashnyr, however this is mainly traditonal at this point since the Legion and League fight very contained, regulated and televised wars within artificially created environments.

Offworld the Legion of Kharthion carried out almost all their military operations with synthetic soldiers. A combination of cloning and biomechanics are at work to produce perfect soldiers which are fearless, intelligent and have accelerated healing. Unfortunately for the Legion the synthetics quickly realised their military might had outstripped their masters and they rebelled. The Legion and League of Zandor fought together and eventually triumphed. The remaining synthetics retreated into space and founded the Hegemony of Synthos. Below you can see a standard Synthos infantry platoon. Blue skin is most common for synthetics however almost any colour exists, some are even equipped with chameleon skin.

Another force which has been seen before is the Allegiance of Gnossos, here they are in a smaller platoon, representing the more elite forces of the 8th Sector Kor-Za

Previous forces we have seen on this blog all came from the 17th Sector Jen-Zo.


My final force for now (as I really should stop painting and play some games) is a Jendari Collective platoon from Su Khan. Their uniform is mostly unchanged even in the past 800 years as previously seen at the Battle for The Pudding in 1237AC.img_1240

You might notice that a single squad within the platton has a slightly different tone of green on their uniforms. This is because a single squad within each Su Khan platoon is generally better trained and equipped to form a spearhead in any operation.

I’ll be getting to work on rules changes shortly, some have been bumping around in my head for a while.

After this little painting project I’m up to:

379 minis bought.

391 minis painted.

Finally ahead… phew!

7 thoughts on “The Return of Deathzap

  1. Hey Man. I’m a long time fan of your stuff, and was wondering if there’s any chance you could do a painting tutorial? All of you’re models look absolutely terrific! Thanks

  2. Wow thanks! I mostly just paint stuff as quickly as possible, all the guys in this post were games workshop contrast paint over white primer. Any metallics were simply painted and then given a wash of nuln oil.

  3. Terrific, thanks for the response! I think its finally time I grabbed some contrast. Keep up the great work Pastor.

  4. Your wargaming universe has a lot of back history! Where does the inspiration come from?

  5. Thanks! My initial inspiration was from “Jono’s World” on the Archduke Piccolo blog, I just loved the idea of a colony of Earth losing all of its technology and basically having to start again going through all the periods of history with a new geography and new nations. From then on I just threw crap at the wall and saw what stuck. Inspirations include Star Wars, Star Trek, Warhammer 40k, Void, Battletech and any bizarre sci-fi films I can find on amazon prime – Star Crash, Turkish Star Wars etc. Plus the odd bit of actual Earth history.

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