The War Begins

Prime Coldan Thrane backed away from his view screen. He nervously paced the room and listened carefully to the report.

“My Sister will have fulfilled her contract flawlessly” said a voice. It came from a cloaked figure standing in the corner of the room. Her dark shape against the ivory walls looked like an ink splotch on white paper.

“I’m sorry I do not have your faith” Coldan returned. “There is too much at stake.”

“The stakes are exactly why you do not need faith Prime. The Vesh would not allow harm to come to the innocent” said the figure as she sat. Coldan continued to pace.

“What do you know of innocence assassin?” he spat.

“No Vesh can begin her work without knowing motherhood. We understand that there is more than our money or our lives at stake.”

The Prime stopped and locked eyes on his guest “And yet you would accept a contract where the result of failure is global war?”

The Vesh slightly lifted her black, featureless mask to reveal the lower portion of her face. The Prime noted that she was young. She took some grapes from a fruit bowl on his desk and began slowly eating them. He turned up the volume on the report.

“Queen Elena Baranor was found dead in her Winter Palace this morning, an autopsy is yet to have been completed however officials so far are saying it was of natural causes.”

Prime Coldan relaxed a little. The Vesh continued to eat his fruit. “I told you” She said, “My Sister’s work was flawless.”

“Jendar needed this” Coldan muttered to himself as a sense of guilt flooded his body.

“You are right” responded the assassin.

Coldan flinched, her input was becoming increasingly unwelcome, yet he felt the need to justify himself. “Elena was decreasing trade with Jendari Collective nations, economies were on the brink of collapse. If this had continued… I… I had Su Khan troops about to cross the Boskovan mountains into Caerdonia, Vorn forces ready to attack South Cameria. I warned her. It would have been the Jendari Collective at war with House Baranor for the first time. Millions would have died.”

“Or the life of one old Queen” The Vesh cut in. “This is why we took the contract. The Vesh do not serve any nations, we only serve peace.”

“There will be war. Just not here” Coldan stated. “Princess Ora and I are on good terms. Once she becomes Queen, we will both be sending forces to Oltra. We need the resources on Kannis.”

“This has been understood, and the Vesh are in agreement that this war is a necessity. We would prefer a conflict there rather than here.” She stood up to leave. Coldan followed her out of politeness.

“Thank you” he said.

She nodded, “One more thing, Arden Zen…”

“One of my bodyguards?” Coldan asked.

“He’s a Volkovian Spy” The Vesh answered, “He will be very late for work today. We cannot have our little secret getting out now can we?”

The war on Oltra has begun. The first operation was an attempt by SynJen (the Hegemony of Synthos, The Jendari Collective and House Baranor) to establish a foothold in District Korza of the city En Sikkar. The attacking force consisted mostly of Synthos troops.

Unfortunately as I was enjoying the game quite a lot I only snapped two pictures of it. Unfortunately for SynJen Mortan’s Men were victorious, and having captured some Synthos intelligence Mortan’s Men will now be using it to ambush a Legion of Kharthion convoy moving through Korza.

deathzap campaign oltra 1

Also to point out that the banner image for this post is the flag of Mortan’s Men. It’s a take on the Volkovian Flag since that’s where most of the colonist miners on Kannis came from but with the white and black inverted and the red stylised skull added in place of the Volkovian Rose.

4 thoughts on “The War Begins

  1. Let battle commence… Will you be publishing OBs for the forces involved (will there be army lists to partner the rules)?

  2. I’ll be putting up the rules shortly once I’ve figured out all the kinks, army lists will follow, I’m kind of using this campaign to figure out the balance of the forces. I also have a rough points system in place so you can build your own forces if you want.

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