40 Elves and a Ballista

In my previous Dark Dwarves post I mentioned some Elves. I’ve now finally finished them!

That’s a unit of eight archers, 10 spearmen, 10 swordsmen, 10 two handed sword/axemen and a ballista with two crew.

I did the old trick of painting details on the minis with different colours but selecting from a small palette to keep the figures looking different since they are generally mono-pose but also making them look like they are part of the same force.

The figures have that quirky irregular miniatures style but they are surprisingly well detailed.

Looking for some suitable rules is the next step, or writing my own. I’d also like to add some monsters and more interesting units to both forces so if you have any ideas on either of those counts post them below!

I also get to add 41 minis to my painted count for the year, however I did also pick up Wrath and Rapture from Games Workshop and the Chaotic Beasts box from GW’s Warcry to fill out my Daemons army:

623 bought.

712 painted!


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