Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones

I’ve always wanted an Undead army and although I’ve often bought and even painted the odd unit, I’ve never managed a full force. Until now…

I’ve been somewhat gripped by my 15mm Fantasy project and rules, and couldn’t resist dipping in to Irregular Miniature’s Undead range. Plus since I was going for a more ghostly theme it’s good practice for when I get round to working more on Ghost Legions.

Here’s my Reaper unit. I can imagine them marching forwards and slicing the legs off of giants, or harvesting the heads from retreating infantry, terrifying, faceless and deadly.

The armoured ‘Death Templars’ above have a greater defence and more attacks than every other unit in the force and so will be good at taking and then holding ground.

These Skeleton Swordsmen have the lowest points cost in the force and so if you want that Undead Horde these guys are the way to go.

Archers for fire support.

The Grave Wolves add much needed speed to your shambling hordes.

My package from Irregular Miniatures containing this entire force only arrived yesterday, and that’s one of the joys of 15mm miniatures, in the time it would take you to paint one 28mm figure you can easily paint ten 15mm ones instead. This scheme was something I intentionally picked due to its speed too, but it certainly doesn’t lack in or skip any details.

Incidentally I also painted the Elf cavalry unit that claimed victory in the last battle I played. I’m sure they’re looking forward to facing off against the Undead!

The rules for the Undead that I haven’t yet play-tested so they’re probably completely broken are as follows:


All Undead units have the Fearless special rule, in addition during the morale phase roll a die for each unit in the army that has a slain models, on a 6 return a slain model to the unit.

Blades 2” 1 0 2 3+ 1 Enchanted Weapons 20
Archers 2” 12” 1 0 2 3+ 1 Enchanted Weapons 30
Death Templars 2” 2 0 3 3+ 1 Enchanted Weapons 25
Reapers 4” 1 1 2 3+ 1 Enchanted Weapons, Sweep 30
Grave Wolves 6” 3 0 2 4+ 2 Ferocious 30



Enchanted Weapons

When attacking rolls of 6 do not generate extra attack rolls but instead automatically cause wounds on the target unit.


When attacking rolls of 5 and 6 generate extra attacks.


A unit with this special rule never takes morale tests.



700 Bought

782 Painted

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