Another Lesson in Never Throwing Anything Away – Tyranids

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I’ve been enjoying painting my Daemons army up for 9th edition 40k. However it has been mentally taxing as I stare down the next unit and consider how much time it will take to get them painted. So I needed a little break, I needed to get instant results! I simultaneously had a Tyranid itch to scratch!

I’ve had many a Tyranid model over the years, but I’ve never really found or been able to settle on a scheme I actually like. The above sort of happened by accident.

Liberal use of GW texture paints over grey primer was then covered with black spray, grey perpendicular to the model and then white from above. Everything was then basecoated with thinned down paint in a single coat, two washes a brown and black over the entire model were then applied. Finally I did some drybrushing to highlight and picked out the red areas with orange highlights.

If I had sold or chucked these guys out I’d be stuck now forking out more money for new models. I’ve also found a Hive Tyrant, Tyrannofex, Swarm Lord and Trygon in the bottom of a box all assembled just waiting to be painted. That’s around £120 of models. So if you get bored with a project or just want to start something new, especially if it’s warhammer related, just put the old models in a box and pack them away. You WILL come back to that army at some point in the not to distant future.

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