A Little Gaming Board

A little project I wanted to get done in the weekend just gone was a small gaming board for my anime-ish miniature skirmish game. I have somewhat of an obsession for playing games in smaller spaces and so I took a one foot square cork tile as the base.

I cut the corners off of another tile and glued them down to make the sides of a road running diagonally across the board. Then it was a simple matter of priming black and dusting with grey. All of the road markings were done with masking tape and stippling. I then glued down images of drains I had printed off from google images and added my usual newspapers. Then I scattered flock and tufts to add some more variety.

It put the road markings on very intentionally. The sides of the road mark the deployment zones and the middle line and the crossing break the board up into obvious quarters which in play testing I’m using for scenarios. One I’m enjoying a lot is that each side gets a point for each board quarter they have a miniature in at the end of their turn, and whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.

Not bad for a couple of hours of work!

I’ve also been working on scatter terrain to add interest to games. The barrels are Tamiya 1:35 plastics glued to plasticard bases. They’re only slightly oversized and so work fine.

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