Froggy The Chaos Predator

I began as just a man, a man with a dream, a dream to combine a plastic frog skeleton from the Halloween section of a Super Market with an old and dusty Chaos Rhino to make a Chaos Predator.

I went through several iterations of combining the frog with the tank and landed on what you can see below. The frog was surprisingly hard to disassemble being held together with screws of all things! I was expecting flimsy glue. But I got there in the end, and combined with a useful bit of lego, you should always have random bits of lego on hand, I managed to get the shape I was after.

The next step was to get all the right guns in the right places. To turn this into a Predator I needed a twin Lascannon, and thankfully I had loads from an Imperial Guard Sentinel kit, and two heavy bolters. I had to substitute these with Ork Shootas, but I think they’re big and menacing enough to fit the part.

I built up behind the head with tin foil and covered over it with a little paper mache, and once dry I threw on all the textures I had to hand. I sculpted some stuff with Milliput, used my own texture mix, added static grass in patches, and applied Citadel’s Agrellan Earth in places to get big cracks in the skin.

I also added some clump foliage with superglue and then also hardened it instantly with superglue. I’d recommend doing that at a distance, with a mask on and preferably outside since it smokes quite a bit. Once all done I hit him with primer, black first and then grey from above.

I ended up doing a fairly quick paint job, lots of washes and drybrushing, none of which I really kept track of, but I’m very happy with the results.

Happy slightly belated Halloween!

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