Painting Darkfell

So I won’t bore you with all the details. Prime it black, spray grey from above, basically base coat it, make wood and dirt brown, outer walls were mostly left grey, I did some interiors in a light blue, green or dark red. Then the entire thing got a black wash and then a bone colour dry brush. I then applied different flocks and foliages to make everything look like it had been abandoned for some time. I also sponged some green paint on various areas to replicate moss. Here are a couple of pics from a recent test game:

I’ve been focusing a lot on adding details that tell stories, the two main ideas I’ve had so far are as follows:

First an esoteric symbol on the floor that some strange character has clearly used to attempt to summon something.

But my favourite is this:

It doesn’t yet lead so something horrifyingly violent, so I might need to find some body parts in the bits box.

Also a big piece of skull graffiti. Not that this particularly tells a story, but it came out much better than I was expecting.

I’ve asked my mates what else I could add and one suggested a stove or heater, I’m not sure how I would accomplish that with what I have, but it did give me the idea of adding a camp fire. Maybe the aftermath of a group setting up camp that were then ambushed and killed? He also suggested posters which I’m going to definitely add at some point.

If you have any thoughts let me know!

2 thoughts on “Painting Darkfell

  1. Love it, simple but effective, and the little “easter eggs”, however gory, are a great addition. I think you should think about adding things like little bird’s nest or even some song-birds hanging out in little hidden areas that your fellow gamers might not see at first. it would be fun to see them find the little treasures!

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