Horrified – The Miniatures

I’ve always been a fan of the old Universal Horror films and the Hammer Horror films too, basically anything spooky that doesn’t include jump scares. When I saw the Horrified Board Game on the shelves in a local toy shop over Christmas I knew I had to buy it, especially since it included seven figures. I also knew I was going to paint them.

The Wolfman is probably my least favourite of the set. The face doesn’t come close to capturing Lon Chaney’s iconic look, the hair of his head is bordering on an Afro and his pose seems to have him squatting with his hands open and forward. It doesn’t look like he’s skulking around looking for prey as he did in the movie, more like he needs the toilet and is reaching for the big roll.

From the worst to probably the best. The Creature from the Black Lagoon is menacing and suitably posed, possibly looming over a damsel in distress. The figure itself is highly textured and was a real joy to paint. It might be the otherworldliness of this character that lends better to sculpting him than the Wolfman. I think his size helps too, the Wolfman is tiny by comparison and his pose doesn’t help that.

The Mummy was even easier to paint than the Creature, I base coated him tan, then picked out his head in grey, washed him with Agrax Earthshade and then dry brushed him with a bone colour. Other than drying time he was done in seconds. Although that might be the issue with this fella, although he’s in his iconic bandages, really this should be Imphotep as Ardeth Bay his modern Egyptian disguise since he spends much more time like that in the film. Although I guess that wouldn’t sell as well to the public.

The Bride of Frankenstein is up next, she is huge compared to the Wolfman and the Mummy, and a similar size to the Creature and Frankenstein’s Monster himself. The face is a little odd and she doesn’t bear too much resemblance to the original actor Elsa Lancaster. I’m not sure if her hair was originally a reddish brown although I did see some colourised photos that looked that way, plus it made her a little more colourful. I’m really happy with how her make up came out, although the strangely round mouth does give her a slight blow up doll appearance, although that could be some artistic metaphor about the story of the creation of a woman exclusively for the sake of being the mate of a man. Probably not though.

The Monster himself. I went with dark blue clothes rather than black since I thought his all black ensemble from the original film would have been a little uninteresting to look at. Again with many of the sculpts he doesn’t really resemble Boris Karloff, the Mummy is much closer. I also found it odd that two characters played by the same man would be so different in size. I think they’re representing the monsters as we know them through pop culture rather than sticking to the monsters from the films. Boris was definitely more gaunt, his neck thinner, he really looked like a man stitched together from disparate parts. This figure is more of a beefcake monster, his pose resembles a volleyball player or goal keeper and also maybe worst of all he’s missing his neck bolts!

Dracula sadly was also one of the weakest in the set, which bothered me somewhat since he is probably my favourite of the universal monsters. He has the iconic haircut, but the face is a little squashed and he lacks some of the finer details of the other monsters. I would have liked to see him descending stairs holding a candelabra, or with an arm stretched out attempting to control someone’s mind. This Dracula is Halloween costume Dracula, not really the Universal one.

I can’t really complain that the Invisible Man doesn’t look like Claude Rains, and the figure itself is probably one of the best sculpted out of the set. Some of the details are a little fine and difficult to pick out, but they are small and at this scale you wouldn’t expect much anyway. I’m not sure what possessed me to paint him stood on a checkerboard marble floor, but I think it looks okay.

Here’s the whole gang, and I’m really happy with how they’ve come out. If I get round to actually playing the game I’ll let you know what it’s like. You can play it solo which was a big selling point for me, so I don’t really have an excuse not to play it. I am tempted to find better looking figures elsewhere, if you know of anyone that makes better representations than these let me know.

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