Neo-Arcane: The Battle Begins

I’ve made some progress with all my recent figure cleanup jobs/ purchases, and I’m ready to get this old project of mine back up and running. I formerly called this game the New Earth Engine, but now I’m calling it Neo-Arcane. I’m imagining a world of Tolkien and Warhammer-esque fantasy where a strange invasion from the stars takes place. A collective of cyberpunk corporations from an alternate dimension crash lands a city size ship in the frozen north. They’ve been banished from their own universe by a coalition of alien races, that have followed through the rip in space and are intent on finishing them off. As the ship landed much of the land to the direct south of it was burned up and turned to a toxic desert where warbands of barbarians vie for scraps, weapons and advanced technologies. To the east the dead rise and wage war on a Kingdom of Holy Knights who use ancient and sacred relics to do battle with evil itself. Further south the savage hordes of Orcs, Goblins and Ogres ransack Elfen villages and slaughter the innocent, as dwindling Elfish Kingdoms struggle against the tide of chaos. How will each of these Kingdoms respond to their visitors from the stars? How will the influx of advanced weaponry alter their ways of war? Can a Plasma Rifle penetrate a Knights blessed plate armour?

Omegacorp were the largest of the Corporations in Star City and maintain their power with an iron (or rather steel) fist. They utilise cybernetically enhanced humans known only as ‘Agents’ and heavily armed androids for hostile takeovers.

The Savage Horde comprises a number of Kingdoms that had enough of Elfish pride. The Orcs, Goblins, Ogres and Beastmen refuse to be oppressed any longer and have risen up to tear down the old ways of the world. To them the visitors are an opportunity to learn new ways of war, ways which will outmatch Elfish tradition and martial prowess. It’s those who can adapt the fastest that survive.

The Dominion are the bastion of hope against the unending horde of undead coming from the north east. But while their relics and prayers protect the mighty, the backbone of Men at Arms are killed and devoured all too easily by hordes of gibbering and walking corpses. To them the visitors provide arms that can protect the weak and the innocent, in return they have begun to show the travellers the ways of magic.

Undeath is not the worst of fates, there is always eternal damnation on the other side of the grave. For the weak of will or those of depraved curiosity to give ones soul to a Liche or Necromancer is preferable. To feel yourself rot and your mind decay into madness is a comparatively small price to pay, and once the taste of flesh and the delicacy of the human brain has begun to satiate your unending hunger, it can even be considered by some to be a joy.

Those are the figures I have painted up so far and they’ve been an absolute joy to do, not to mention all the additional joy that can be had in giving them stat lines and synergistic abilities!

More undoubtedly to come!

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